Big city expertise. Small town service.

We bring over 40 years of expertise to solve your financial headaches and get you back to business.

consider it done, right.

For more than four decades, Sturos CPA staff has been helping clients achieve their financial goals by providing smart financial planning, advising, and money-saving strategies. 

Stress-free business finances ... imagine that.

We have a keen sense for technology, manufacturing, construction, and service businesses. We like the challenge of the complex, intricacies of high-level finance, and the tangible feeling of putting a product into the market.


What our clients say

I really enjoy working with my professionals at Sturos. It's been almost 20 years hard to believe. I've always been well served and they are always on top of their game.
A breath of fresh air. We enjoy the discussion that ensues during our work session. These sessions help breed the necessary transparency needed between finance, operation and sales for our small business.